Tree in the Wind

I’ve been a little fraudulent to myself recently. I’ve been writing from an intellectual place more than an experiential place: too much saying, not enough doing! The grace of the universe being what it is, I am coming back to center and feeling more alive, more risky, and more potent. I have become clear that this blog, for the immediate future, will be an exercise in sharing my humble attempts at personal expansion.

I don’t want to become clinical and cynical in my work as a therapist, as I can see this would be an easy path to take. I want to put myself out there as an invitation for others to do the same. I want to have adventures of the self, buck convention, and have people shaking their heads. I want to go big. I hesitate in doing this because of fear. Mainly fear of judgment. So, it looks like this post is a perfect place to start. Judge away. Or don’t. Bring me to my edge and I’ll hold you at yours.

It took me almost 3 years of being in Portland, but I finally helped initiate a kick-ass men’s group. I am excited about what my fellow men will show me and for the inevitable transformation we will experience as a result of our shared space. Stay tuned for more on what this experience will be like-for me, at least. My intention with this is to face fear in my life in all the small, everyday forms that it takes, with the belief that practicing this might bring me more into myself. More on me soon enough, and may you be courageous with your own fears.