So what is “Inspired Personal Revolution”? It’s my way of describing my intentions with my work: I want to help people get to the heart of what matters to them, and cultivate more of it. With individual counseling, this can look many different ways! I use pragmatic strategies as well as a present-centered approach to help you identify both your strengths and your challenges, and ways to address what is most important to your overall goals.
I’m really about following your lead when it comes to the change you want, while taking the lead in helping you get there. I’ll help you connect with your experience in a gentle way that allows you to do something positive with it! Together we will find out what you truly want for yourself and come up with creative and exciting ways to go after it.
In our initial session, you and I will collaborate on a plan to address your needs and goals. I like to customize my approach with each client, though if it helps (people often ask) to know, the best work is usually done with either weekly or bi-weekly sessions to start.
During our first session together, we will collaborate on a longer-term plan that works for you, in terms of frequency, though most couples meet me at least twice monthly.
If it is applicable to you, I have experience working with polyamorous, sex-positive, and LGBT folks.


Do you feel stuck, frustrated, and discouraged in your current relationship? What once seemed so easy and exciting has become more of a struggle? Are you ready to concede or do you want more?
If any of the above questions even remotely hit home for you, then congrats, you’re just like most of the rest of us! Most partnerships inevitably arrive at confusing, frustrating, or even discouraging spots that have us questioning how in the heck we ever liked each other in the first place! The truth is, for those committed to seeing relationship as a path to growth and happiness, this is where the real work starts. The clients I work with often understand when things are working quite right, and know that they need some support to get things moving forward again. Even really strong relationships can benefit from a little support every once in awhile!
In our sessions, we will get real with each other and learn to stay present and connected while various emotions are present. Learn to view your partner as an ally-even in conflict. Practice identifying, expressing, and receiving feelings and needs. Take the opportunity to examine your personal triggers and wounds of relationship with in-the-moment challenge and compassion with your partner. Develop skills and awareness that you both can develop outside of session time to become stronger and more sustainable on your own!


I offer online sessions for those looking for a more convenient and accessible therapy option.
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Both new and returning clients may schedule an appointment via my scheduling page.