You and I might be a good fit if any of these resonate:

  • Everything seems flipped upside down. How do I make sense of my place in today’s world?
  • Things seem so helpless. Some days I want to crusade, others I want to give up.
  • Who I thought was my person or people now seem distant or disconnected. Am I the one missing something?
I’m going to nurture and challenge you with high compassion and low BS, based on your goals and values. We will explore the intersection of your agency, integrity, and its potential impact on your loved ones, your community, our global ecosystem, and beyond. My work is present-centered and experiential – let’s do the work we’re talking about!
In practice, I mainly work from the perspectives of Gestalt (present-centered, relationship-based) and Sensorimotor (body-centered) psychotherapies. I have been in private practice for over 10 years and am a licensed professional counselor (LPC). For more on my education and training, please continue below.


  • M.A. in Transpersonal Counseling Psychology from Naropa University (2005-2008) Boulder, Colorado
  • Guided Imagery & Music (GIM), The Bonny Method (2006)
  • Sensorimotor Psychotherapy (2008-2009)
  • Resilience in Sport (RIS) (2012)
  • Board Registered Interventionist (BRI) I & II (2013)
  • Psychodrama Group Facilitator Training (2013-2014)

As for my own path, I feel blessed to be working on loving and accepting myself, my friends, and my family to the fullest. I love running trails, exploring the northwest wilderness, and making my own humble contribution to our exceptional community.
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Online scheduling is offered for both established and new clients for online sessions.