Empowered Man 2.0!

Empowered Man Group 2.0

Beginning, August 13th, Ted and I are re-booting our men’s work with a shift in format that feels more true to our vision of this work. We are inviting men who are interested in longer term, deeply transformative interpersonal work. Our original format was a closed, 8-session group, and we keep hearing that members want to continue. We were noticing that our energy was sucked up in the starting and stopping, forming and re-forming, and we think everyone will benefit when more of our energy and members’ energy can be spent on connection, deepening, and committing.

Combining elements of Gestalt and Psychodrama, Ted and I create opportunity for you to explore and integrate powerful parts of yourself, while supporting others to do the same. Experience brotherhood in the form of honesty, challenge, and compassion. Learn to differentiate between your own experience and your own projections. If you’re a man whose curious to know more, fill out the brief on-line form below!

Men’s Group Form