Empowered Man Course in Portland this fall!

It’s been an enriching summer so far over here at the VC. I’ve been enjoying connecting and reconnecting with clients-new and 0ld-each one a blessing.

What’s news is the Empowered Man Course, coming this fall to Portland, Oregon. This is an 8-session experiential created by myself and my friend and colleague, Ted Reavey. Inspired by our own personal and men’s group work, Ted and I are establishing a course designed to encourage a stronger, healthier, more connected masculine. This course is designed for any man who wants to experience and live from a more truthful version of himself. Our hope is that the men we engage live happier, feel more alive in their work, their relationships, and their own sense of purpose.

How does a man get involved? Click the hyperlink above and visit the page for this course. In it, he can choose to complete a 1-minute on-line interest form, or he can call or email directly with questions or to express interest. We will ensure that every interested man has a chance to dialogue about the course before committing to attend. Ted and I are attempting to market this opportunity with minimal use of paper, so if the Empowered Man Course isn’t your cup of tea, we hope you will share or like these posts on Facebook, or forward the necessary information to people who might be interested.