Energetic Footprint

I just spent 10 days on the northern west coast, experiencing incredible nature and family time. Part of our trip was powered by the intention to honor a very dear family member who passed away in May and requested that her ashes be at home in the Pacific Ocean, where she felt most alive. During this process, I started developing this idea of an energetic footprint, a theme akin to ecology’s concept of the carbon footprint, only applied to the less-tangible aspects of our relational being. I believe strongly that our interactions with each other-similar to our interactions with the natural world-leave great and lasting impacts, and it can be the quality of these impacts that strongly influence our future as a society on Earth.

Attached with this intro is a 2-minute slideshow I put together, using pictures I took on this recent trip, coupled with questions I ask myself related to my own energetic footprint. There are vast and unseen (and less-seen) ways that we can leave our mark in this world, and, in borrowing directly from the intention behind the carbon footprint, I want to leave the people in my life better off than when I found them, be it energetically, spiritually, emotionally, intellectually, or physically. Though I am, of course, not always successful, I believe intention is huge. I hope that you can take something positive from my little slideshow, as it is meant to leave a beneficial footprint on you.

Music by Portland Cello Project